A placement test allows the coach to better focus on your needs so as to give you the best value during your lessons. Spoken skills are taken into account and assessed during the first meeting where you will be asked about your personal objectives and general experiences and whether you would like to repeat certain areas or be challenged with new material. Ample opportunity is provided for you to speak during the lessons, in order to optimise the benefits of having a mother-tongue coach.

Please print out the Placement Test and complete it (without using a dictonary) then either bring it to the first meeting OR post it to:
ExecFlex, Rengerstrasse 17, CH-8038 Zurich

Placement Test

The A.L.T.E international standard is used for assessment:

Level Diploma Description
C2-c CPE, Proficiency Advanced 2
C1-c Advanced/ BEC Higher Advanced 1
B2-c First/ BEC Vantage Upper Intermediate
B1-c PET/ BEC Preliminary Intermediate
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