Executive Suite
Presentation Skills
Negotiation Skills
Meeting Skills
Teleconferencing Skills
Business Writing Skills
Change Management
General Business Suite
Career Management
Cultural Awareness
Mergers and Acquisitions
Company Structures
Public Relations
Business and the Environment
Global Advertising
Brand Management
Economic Issues
Finance and Credit
International Management Suite
Management Styles
Entering Foreign Markets
International Management Development
Corporate Structures
Routes to Top Management
Human Resources Suite
Policy & Planning
Resourcing & Recruitment
Motivation & Reward
Training and Development
Health, Safety, Welfare & Environment
Communication & Culture
Employee Relations and Representation
Overseas Postings and Returning Home
Global Careers and MBAs
International Legal Suite
Practice of Law
Capitalisation, Shareholders and Supervisory Boards
Real Property & Intellectual Property
Debtor-Creditor, Insolvency and Judicial liens
Company Formation & Management
Acquisitions, Spin-offs, Minutes and Shareholder Rights
Contracts: Damages, Clauses, Breach
Contracts: Assignment & Third-party Rights
Employment Law
Sale of Goods
Negotiable Instruments and Secured Transactions
Competition Law
Management and Marketing
Management Structuring
Management Objectives and Strategies
Training and Qualifications
Theories of Motivation
Remuneration & Working Conditions
Managing Human Resources and Redundancies
Production and Operations / Quality Control
Marketing & Sales
Market Structure and Strategies
Market Research & Forecasting
Branding, Product Lines and Product Life Cycles
Promotional Tools
Industrial Marketing
The Marketing Mix
Financial & Banking Suite
Talking Figures
Accounting Basics, Bookkeeping and Company Law
Employment Law
Types of Assets
Financial Statements, Depreciation and Cash Flow
Insolvency, Bad Debts, Cost Accounting and Auditing
The Money supply, Types of Banks and Products
Eurocurrencies, Exchange Rates / 3rd World Debt
Trade & Commerce, Imports, Exports and Incoterms
Stocks, Shares, Bonds, Futures, Options and Capital
Leveraged Buyouts and Insider Trading
Economics and Politics, Recession & Inflation
Government Spending, Unemployment and Taxation
General English or Cambridge Diploma Suite
CPE : Certificate of Proficiency
CAE: Advanced Certificate
FCE : First Certificate
BEC-P : Business English Certificate – Preliminary
BEC-V : Business English Certificate –Vantage
BEC-H : Business English Certificate – Higher
ILEC: International Legal English Certificate

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