(Amanda Brossy)
Born in South Africa of two traditional English teachers, Amanda worked in different industries for many years before training as an English Foreign Language teacher. She has worked in banking, in accounting firms such as Price Waterhouse Coopers and Deloittes in the management consultancy, international trade and insolvency areas. She has also worked in the hospitality industry for the Southern Sun hotel group, in the travel industry, the movie distribution industry, as well as the clothing industry. She has been a Personal Executive Assistant, Corporate Trainer, Marketing Manager and Public Relations Officer, and edited company newsletters.

Her varied experience in business gives her an understanding of the needs of English business language students and allows her to better respond to their needs.

Amanda has trained in the language faculty of a university and in several language schools in Europe. She has lived in Zurich since November 2002 and teaches in two language schools, both at the schools and in- company, coaching both groups and individuals for or from companies such as Swiss Re, Scor, Credit Suisse, UBS, Coutts Bank Von Ernst, Rio Tinto Alcan, BASF, Vischer Anwälte, IE Group, among others. She also coaches privately in her own capacity.

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