Flex your executive English muscle in presenting and negotiating

The Flex concept strives to enhance English language skills in a flexible, practical manner that is directly applicable to the trainees' everyday needs.

Using a combination of innovative methods, including movies and video recordings , as well as role plays and more conventional methods, the emphasis is on the day-to-day work front, such as meetings and presentations, as well as the social small talk so necessary at the all-important business lunch and on business trips.

Why should I learn to negotiate or present in any language?
Actually, you PRESENT yourself

  • at interviews
  • when trying to convince your boss to increase your salary
    • or promote you
    • or change something in your area
  • to your new in-law
  • to new girlfriend/ boyfriend
  • to your partner to buy that new car/ house, kitchen, sofa
    • or when negotiating a holiday destination

In fact, MEETING, NEGOTIATING and PRESENTING are tools we use daily and in nearly every aspect of our lives: that is why it is KEY to ExecFlex's training concept - and our MODULAR method makes it RELEVANT to YOU.

General English is offered from Intermediate to Proficiency level which is useful on holiday and improves communication with English friends and colleagues.

Cambridge exam courses are offered in both business (BEC) and general. See Training for more information.

One-to-one tuition is available, or you can select your own group of 2-6 colleagues.

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