Executive Power Intensive Immersion Course Abroad
(in South Africa)

Course Concept/ Brief Overview (What?)

Executive Writing Skills
Managing Performance (optional)
Outsourcing (optional)
Change Management (optional)

The above are the topics on offer.  Trainees role play meetings, negotiate given issues, and present on camera to enable them to maximise the material covered in the course. Trainee packs and all other course materials are provided.

Mornings are free to pursue the activities offered in the resort /reserve  (see Activities); afternoons and early evenings are reserved for supervised tuition and workshops - a minimum of 5 hours tuition per day.

The course starts with a kick-off meeting during which group tasks are set.  To introduce a fun element to a serious topic, the central theme of the meetings, negotiations, and presentations will be centered around the resort/reserve where the course takes place.  For example, during the stay in the Game Reserve, trainees will be given the task of deciding on the purchase of, or investment in, a game reserve. They will have the mornings free to participate in the Game Drives to view the wild life and to question the Game Rangers and Game Wardens on the wild animals and general conservation principles of the reserve and to participate in other activities offered by the reserve/resort and experience the game reserve as guests/prospective clients.  This, in effect, would be like a mini feasibility study.  Armed with the information gleaned during the mornings, the trainees would then conduct the meetings, and present their findings and negotiate the finer points of the deal during the afternoon/evening sessions.